Since that time Unclean Harry, the .44 Magnum cartridge has grabbed the imaginations of hundreds of thousands. In the course of film’s release, .44 Magnum was deemed the best commercially offered handgun ink cartridge on the planet. Although it no more keeps that headline, the .44 Magnum continues to be incredibly powerful, but, sad to say, may be too penalizing for smaller sized shooters to handle out of revolver. Fortunately, Henry Rifles has tamed the mighty .44 Magnum using their Henry’s Major Boy Steel 44 Mag.

The Important Child Steel 44 Mag can be a lever-activity, magazine tubing-provided, practicing gun chambering in .44 Magnum and .44 Unique. Unlike its flashier nephew, the Golden Child, this carbine forgoes a brass receiver for any blued metal one. It rss feeds from the removable brass magazine tube that keeps either ten rounds of .44 Magnum or 11 rounds of .44 Specific.

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Hearkening back to the times of cattle rustlers, outlaws and six-firearms, the Henry elicits a comfortable fuzzy John Wayne feeling whenever a shooter picks it up. Fortunately, it’s over merely a sentimental wall-hanger, an undeniable fact mirrored within the rifle’s handsome, but utilitarian, matte blue finish off. One more leaving from the flashier versions will be the omission from the hefty octagonal barrel. As an alternative, the carbine includes a lighter common round barrel that greatly lowers shooter tiredness both during prolonged firing classes and very long treks with the woods.

It absolutely was on one of those woodland strolls that we possessed opportunity to truly take pleasure in the load price savings from the finer barrel account. My wife and i also made a decision to require a average hike with the Henry at the friend’s 200 plus acre ranch and assist search for wilderness hog and coyotes. As it was more than 80 qualifications outside that day, both of us brought a good amount of water as well as some health proteins night clubs.

Lengthy narrative simple, the moderate hike ended up being as being a extended 1, on account of abrupt serious showers plus a thick quilt of fog. After having a nine-hour hike with the Henry slung over my shoulder blades, my feet had been a lot more tender than my back. A truth attributable for the Henry metal knocking nearly two total pounds of excess weight through the initial, hefty-barreled design and style.

Handiness and bodyweight besides, the major Son Metal 44 Magnum makes a fantastic companion to a large-structure hunting revolver in the exact same quality. This greatly simplifies the logistics of transporting 2 types of ammo into the discipline and makes a wonderful combo for searching. This is especially valid when stalking outdoors hog, whose challenging conceal is often too much for typical pistol calibers to overcome, successfully supplying a stalking hunter a bit of insurance coverage should a huge sow choose to charge in safeguard of her fresh.

Unlike handguns chambered from the impressively powerful .44 Magnum spherical, the Henry has mild recoil with either whole-run Magnum or .44 particular lots. Accuracy and reliability in the carbine was remarkable, and over enough for seeking huge game within the cartridge’s efficient collection. Though the carbine performed provide a single problem. It’s dangerously pleasant to shoot, but the rounds it utilizes are prohibitively expensive to plink with. Luckily, this cost could be significantly lessened with a reloading press and perish installation.

Which opens the rifle around all sorts of various possibilities. Given that a shooter can stress sizzling hot rounds without stressing about experienced recoil or very moderate ones, knowing that the manual action in the gun will still work. Among my personal favorite very low-recoil tasty recipes is certainly one I acquired from a write-up by other writer Patrick Sweeney within a piece about the .44 Magnum. Essentially, a 240 grain steer semi wadcutter is packed to only 900 fps generally reproducing very hot .45 ACP plenty. They are incredibly smooth-snapping shots, and will make an excellent property protection or coyote spherical from either a pistol or rifle – without as much threat well over penetration as full-run plenty.

With all the extensive level of reloading info designed for the container, shooters can call an ideal fill with regard to their Henry and turn it into a lever-action tack car owner. The only thing standing upright within their way would be the small steel scenery the gun ships with. Designed following conventional ones, the Henry functions buckhorn submit and level iron points of interest adaptable for decrease and windage. They are reminiscent of the stock steel places on the Ruger 10/22 and, the same as them, begs being replaced by something more powerful and forgiving to more aged eye. I, personally, will have liked to see the identical points of interest featured on Henry’s 30/30 about this carbine, but, the good news is, the recipient arrives pre-tapped from the manufacturing facility for the weaver scale attach.

Topped using a personal favored, the 50mm Leupold VX-1 extent, the Henry Large Son Metal was competent at raining devastation around the many tin cans put in place at 100 yards. When one half-filled up with drinking water, these cans spectacularly launch their contents air-borne, offering a peek at the potency of the .44 Magnum cartridge.

Retailing for well under $1,000, the .44 Magnum review is definitely an cost-effective method to hunters and cowboy fans alike who desire the flawlessness powerful friend. Whether or not they’re riding into the sunset, harvesting game from the treestand or aiding defend the ranch from cattle criminals, shooters will adore their knowledge about the all-American Henry Major Son Steel 44 Mag.

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